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  • Contacting Unity intercom


    I have tried to register to download the Unity Connect software demo.
    I didn't receive an emailed link.
    I have sent an email to [email protected] but have had no response.

    Is the product / company still active? I have a large broadcast project that it may be suitable for, but the lack of response so far is disappointing.



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    Paul, I am very sorry we are having trouble connecting. You were emailed the link right after filling out the form. I am concerned that possibly our responses keep going to spam because I responded also to your email 2 days ago as well. I am very sorry! I am attaching a screen shot of my response after you emailed in saying you never received the email. Unfortunately it looks like you never received my email as well! I am copying my email to you ion this form so you can get that download link! We want to work with you and get this figured out!

    Sent 2 days ago

    "Sorry for the trouble Paul.

    You'll need this activation code to begin using the trial:


    Here's the link where you can download the latest version of Unity Connect:
    Unity Connect

    (or copy and paste the text below into your web browser if the link above doesn't work)

    Please let us know if you have any questions! "

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      Hi Mike

      Thanks for the reply and the link - we'll get it downloaded and do some testing.

      The email issue is really strange, from your screenshot it appears that you are using Gmail, which we are too, but there is no reply to the email showing up, nothing in the spam folder, and I've checked our company backend quarantine (by BAE systems) and it's not been caught there either. It seems to have just vanished completely!