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Unity Intercom App Crashing on launch (iOS 9)

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  • Unity Intercom App Crashing on launch (iOS 9)

    I have a couple of iPod where the Unity App is crashing immediately upon launch. No error message. No opportunity to check settings. Launch, logo, crash. Please advise.

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    Yes. I am having the same issue with 4 iPod touch units (model ME643LL/A, running iOS 9.3.5). This is the highest iOS the device will support. The iPods worked fine prior to the Unity 3.0.6 update this week. Please advise.

    Jeremy Lindsay
    Greater Waco Baptist Church


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      We have identified an issue where the latest IOS version makes a specific call that is only available in IOS 10 and up. We are working on a workaround for this, you should see a fix quickly (as soon as Apple approves the fix).

      Do be aware that frequently Apple updates their Xcode development system and drops support for prior OS versions. For example, it's impossible to release code that is targeted for IOS 7 or earlier at this point. I would expect this number to move up to IOS 10 in the not too distant future. At that point, you will no longer be able to update your IOS app on those devices, but the working version should still run.


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        We have released a new update for Unity Client for iOS that should solve this issue.

        Please let us know if you have any issues. Thank you.