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  • Unity Server version 2 and 3

    We have version 2 of unity server still installed on the macpro. Im working on getting the system running today. My iphone has vers 3 client. When logging in on iphone i get an login error with timeout. i get the same error on another macbook pro with client.
    I can assume this wont work with server 2 and client 3.
    Is there a cost to install and use server 3 if youve already purchased server 2?

    So i went ahead and installed server 3 on the macpro.
    The macpro is on a wifi router and connected to the isp for internet.
    U Server is using that wifi network.
    Iv tried to log on to the server from the v3 client on my iphone and i get "Login Error, Timeout contacting unity server. Please verify connection type settings."
    iphone is on the same wifi network.

    any ideas welcome :-)

    thank you
    Brad Pierce, Audio Engineer at The Hanover
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    Hi Brad, Unity 3 clients will work fine with Unity 2 server, so you seem to have another issue here. Would it be possible for you to give us a call and we can talk through your issues? Our phone number is 888-225-8054


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      Originally posted by ChuckD View Post
      Hi Brad, Unity 3 clients will work fine with Unity 2 server, so you seem to have another issue here. Would it be possible for you to give us a call and we can talk through your issues? Our phone number is 888-225-8054
      With the help at Unity Iv got the system up and running worldwide access. Thank you Guys!!!

      Now on to the ST 45DC integration for the in house clearcom system !!

      thank you


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        Hi ChuckD, I work with Brad. We had everything working between Unity Server and our ClearCom system until today. Now folks on Unity can't hear ClearCom but ClearCom can hear Unity. Any ideas? I did upgrade to Apple Mojave last week. That's the only change I can think of.
        Dave Carson


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          You’re using the 45DC as the interface? Also, what was your prior OS version?


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            So I wanted to document as much info as i can for you. here ya go.....

            Unity and ClearCom Intercom Problem.

            Model 45DC DanteTM to Dual Party-Line Intercom Interface

            ClearCom Encore MS-702 Two-Channel Main Station Part Number: 810342Z Rev. 4

            Mac Pro 10.14.x

            Unity server: latest as of last week. Thursday we updated to the latest version in attempt to fix the issue.

            DVS: latest as of last week Thursday we updated to the latest version in attempt to fix the issue.



            What does work:
            Transmit from unity device, clear com headsets work and can hear the unity transmission. All unity recovers hear the transmission too.
            Transmit from clear com headset, all clear com headsets recv.

            What doesn’t work:

            Clearcom headset transmission does not make it to a unity recv device. Unity devices do not hear the CC transmission.

            Before thursday we had unity working with the clear com system. Worked great. The only thing we could come up with that was changed since we used the system, was the Director updated the mac to 10.14


            Trouble shooting taken:

            >Reboot/powercycle all except Mac

            >check all settings and routing in unity server/DVS/Dante Controller

            >Change the mode on the 45DC. (one mode is for direct connect to clear com belt packs. the other for connect to main station like our MS702. as i understand it)

            >Stop DVS, restart DVS


            The levels on the 45DC look rather low. We did change the Unity IN/OUT level pref’s. Clear com transmit to unity is at a good level in the headset. Yelling into clear com shows almost full LED’s lights on 45DC meters. Yelling into unity device shows almost full LED’s lights on 45DC meters.

            Any thats, comments, or ideas super helpful!!!


            Brad Pierce


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              Is there a possibility we could TeamViewer your system and take a look? You’ve certainly done most of the things we’d suggest.

              Unity Server is working well on quite a number of Mojave systems at this point, but we’re not sure of any of them are using DVS. All audio devices appear identical to Unity (they are all CoreAudio compliant devices), so this is pointing in the DVS direction.

              If you want us to take a look, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can find out.


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                Thank you Chuck! Ill contact the director and see if we can do the teamviewer login for you. I have been using TV for a while now so im fam. with it.


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                  Update: OSX Mojave has introduced a new security feature that requires applications like Unity Server (along with the Mac Client and the upcoming Broadcast Station), to ask the user for permission before using any audio input device. Most applications (including Pro Tools for example) have never done this, so all input audio simply gets silence! Interestingly the Pro-Tools web site still says 'don't upgrade to Mojave yet'.

                  Fortunately we do have a fix for this and are testing now. Look for a server release as of Monday November 5, 2018 to fix this problem with Mojave.

                  Sorry for the inconvenience, but Apple sometimes changes the game on us and we have to adjust accordingly.


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                    Chuck, I meant to email you and say a big "thank you" for your help the other day... It was above and beyond seeing it involved DVS and all.
                    This is great news..... Avid is slow in adopting the new os's and for that reason i wait a "long time" before moving ahead at my studio..... Ive learned that since 1997 with Pro Edit and Pro Deck, the first inception of what we now know as PT... LOL


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                      Not a problem, we always want to know and get involve when something isn't working right.

                      By the way, we just pushed the Mojave fix, so do a 'Check for Updates' on your server and install the newest. It should magically start working again.


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                        Thank you Chuck, we're back in business!