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  • Audio Distortion

    Have 2 unity connect servers in a broadcast environment.
    Server A's IO is Dante and Server B's IO hits a USB to MADI device.
    Every so often server B will output a distorted and shrill version of the source audio.
    The current fix for this is to restart unity server which unfortunately is not a solution, only a temporary fix.
    Any ideas what may be causing this distortion? We cannot seem to find a pattern to when it happens, only that it is the same distortion each time it happens.

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    I am having a similar problem. A MOTU 16A connected via USB to the server - sometimes the Audio, to Clients, goes distorted and sometimes it stops completely. Clients to Server seem to be fine at all times. A 'Quit & Restart' of Unity Server Software fixes this but it's so regular it's a bit of a problem.


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      Quick question: what version of Server are you running? There was a ‘creeping distortion’ problem with Unity 2 and certain audio devices due to our audio capture size of 960 samples. Unity 3 has reduced that to 480 samples per cycle, and it seemed to clean up those devices.


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        In our case, we are running Unity-3.


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          The answer we found to our problem was NOT to connect the MOTU 16A to the Mac Mini using USB but to use the AVB connection instead. (Then a USB to Ethernet Adaptor is needed to connect Mac Mini to Network). All now working beautifully.


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            Thank you for the update, this seems to be something wrong with the USB on the MOTU not consistently sending audio out the USB port over time reliably. I'm glad you have a workaround for now. We have had customers report some issues with MOTU devices in the past.