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    My station recently went all-in with Unity for remote crew PL and IFB. The talent loves the audio quality, but there is one downside... With the old phone couplers, our studio producers and audio operators could tell when the field crew had dialed in, and to which channel. The old phone couplers are interfaced to our ADAM intercom system and provide "hook-status" on every Key-Panel (user station) in the system. To try and replicate that, I've set up the Unity Server system within view of the audio operator so they can see which users are active, but they have to scroll through the whole list of users and they cannot tell what IFB feed (Program feed) they're listening to... and the producer cannot see anything. It would be great if there were a dedicated app or at least a tab on the server software to display what sources each user can hear. I know that Unity can provide GPOs tied to user login - but we have dozens of users, so it would be unpractical to to setup dozens of indicators for the producer to know who's logged in and still not know what Program channel to talk to them on. Any thoughts?

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    This is a great idea, but not sure why the producer wants to talk on a program feed and not a PL. PL's interrupt program feeds if desired, and gives you the IFB capability that we believe you are looking for.

    If you implement the upcoming X-Keys key panel interface in the Mac/Windows clients, the individual users online status is indicated by the keys glowing in blue. There is a limited number of users that can be setup this way (24 in the upcoming X-Keys panel, and 16 with the XKR-32), but it might be what you're looking for in the interim. Contact us if you'd like to beta test this functionality.


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      I would love to beta test the the X-keys panel! As for IFBs, each field crew get a mix-minus program feed assigned based on the source they're coming in on. The easiest way for a producer to speak to a specific crew without every other crew hearing them, is to talk down their assigned mix-minus program feed (with ducking). We currently use our RTS Adam system to accomplish this upstream of Unity - I'm just looking ahead to a day where Unity could completely replace the RTS system.