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  • Api

    Is there any kind of API available or in the works? I'd love to be able to poll my Unity Server on a certain port and receive a list of active users, among other things. A RESTFul API returning JSON data would be awesome.

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    There already IS a RESTFul API for user information. You simply use http://serveripaddress:20101/userconfig and process the JSON results. You can hit this from any web browser to see the results.

    Of course, replace 'serveripaddress' with the actual server IP address, and if you're using a different port than 20101, replace that as well.

    Currently, that is the only API that we have for the server.


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      Fantastic! I didn't know. Sorry! And thanks!


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        It's an unpublished API, but it exists and works.


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          Has anyone built an app that processes the JSON results? I'm hoping to provide a way for our producers to quickly see who is logged into Unity. It would also be really helpful if the producers could also see which Program Feed each user is listening to. I'm not a programmer so have no idea where to start with this...


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            I have done this.


            Feel tree to contact me if you have any questions.



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              Currently the JSON results don't include the program feed or PL channels that the user is actively listening to. It does include all the possibilities that they can select, but not the currently active one.


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                Hi team, Big yes Please to an api that allows hooks or commands from another windows software to trigger talk groups and get user info. I’d like to control from Wheatstone Screen builder ap.
                Ive been using unity connect for the last 2.5 years 24/7 and it has been brilliant, I’d like to bring intercom into the fold as well- if we were able to control functions from an api that would be awesome.