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  • Program Feed from ATEM

    I realize this question is going to be very specific, but hopefully somebody has run into this issue before.

    We are running Unity Server on a Mac mini (Mac OS 10.10); our Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio’s program feed runs into the Mac on Thunderbolt. For the last couple of years I’ve been able to pick up that program feed in Unity by making sure that the sound input (System Preferences) is set to Line In (if set to Blackmagic Audio, the audio will stutter) and Unity’s Input Source is set to Blackmagic Audio. In addition, Blackmagic Media Express must be running and the Log and Capture tab must be selected.

    Recently, the program feed in Unity has gone silent. My talk/listen channels still work. No changes to software or the OS have been made. I can confirm there is a signal in Media Express, just nothing in Unity.

    So, two questions: what am I missing that would restore my program feed and what might I do to eliminate Media Express in the loop (which we no longer use except to — it appears — make the Blackmagic audio available to other applications)?